About me

Known for her unbelievable hourglass figure and capturing unique face , ElegyEllem is a model that will always deliver high quality work.*

I am ElegyEllem, a model, performer and artist based in Sweden, travelling the world with my modelling and shows.

I don’t mind covering my tattoos/removing piercings if requested but I am heavily tattooed and would require long sleevs and something to cover my entire legs for it to be done.

My bodymods:

  • Split tounge
  • Stretched earlobes (16 mm)
  • Medusa + labret piercings
  • Tattoes: heavily tattooed

I’m curvy and have big breasts, hips and a small waist. I usually wear a size Small in clothing, latex etc and 20” in corsets.

Skills: makeup, hairstyling (I usually do my own), flexible, beginner bellydance, runway and stage performances, burlesque. Fire artist ; I eat, breathe, do bodyburns, transfers etc, Artist/painter and designer.

find Elegy in other places:

www.facebook.com/elegyellemmodel www.elegyellem.tumblr.com www.vimeo.com/elegyellem http://www.weareunlikeyou.com/albums/137/