Runway and Stage

I´ve performed at several fetish clubs, Burlesque events and various other venues, parties and events. I do both runway shows as a model and stage shows as a performer of burlesque, fetish and fire.

part of fire group Ignition Kittens

A short list of credits;

Hostess for the International Brussels Tattoo Convention, and the Brussels Burlesque festival, 2014

Yankee Car Show performance

Kustom Kulture Performance

Torture garden London, performed with Miss Miranda / twin peaks show 2012 , performed Honey Bee solo act 2012

torture garden fashion shows German fetish ball fashion shows fetish evolution fashion shows

Dominatrix fashion shows ( one of ten finalists for miss fetish europe 2012)

German Fetish Ball main stage

Fetish Evolution main stage

Bestiarium Croatia Main stage

London tattoo convention, three shows/event 2011 , 2012 , 2013 main stage

Burleskapader , swedish burlesque festival, main stage/night