Welcome to the page of Swedish based, world-renowned model and performer Elegy Ellem.

Elegy Ellem has graced many stages over the world and many magazine covers. She is a model and a performer that can offer fireshows and sideshow acts with a twist of burlesque for any event. 

Elegy Ellem combines dangerous fakir skills with equally dangerous curves and a smile that is truly contagious. Loved not only for her art but also for her kind and professional personality, you will not be dissapointed when you book her for your event. 

Hello! My name is Elegy Ellem and I have worked as a model and performer internationally for over ten years. I mainly work with fireperformances but am also available for modeling, burlesque and other sideshow such as playpiercing and stapling, candle wax shows and more. Do not hesitate to contact me for more information!

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Working as a model for over ten years I have been lucky to have graced many covers and worked with many photographers all over the world. I have worked as a hostess for large events and I love to explore infront of the camera and am up for almost anything. I have also worked as a model coach teaching posing infront of a camera for many years and am available for private lessons and guidance during photoshoots as well as makeup and styling.

Published work

I have been lucky enough to grace many wonderful magazines both spreads, interviews and covers. I have been on TV several times as a model and performer as well as radio interviews and more. I have been a hostess and headliner for many events. You may request a fully detailed CV from me if you wish to book me. Email me to get in touch! ( see the link "contact" on this page or email ElegyEllem@Hotmail.com) Thank you!


I started out as a burlesque performer in 2008. I got fast recognition for my different approach to the artform when including inflatable latex and cosplay into my burlesque acts, my very first show was a Star Wars themed show that I debuted in 2009 and still perform today. 

Today I offer not only burlesque but also fireshows and sideshow. Playpiercing, fetish, latex, bondage, candlewax, stapling and blood.

I perform both large stages and events as well as private parties! Everything from bachelorette parties to weddings to kids parties! Lets talk about making your vision come through for your special event!

I also have experience as a hostess and manager of large stage shows and am available to book as a hostess and stage manager as well. See more of my work at my vimeo channel. ( link in the "about" section of this page)